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It's My Declaration

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If She Had Wings
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Fanfic Journal for sophie_448
This is the fanfiction journal of sophie_448. All fanfic is now housed here rather than my personal journal, so if it's the fic you're after, just watch this comm. I'm becoming increasngly multi-fandom in my interests, so anything could show up. Pretty much all slash all the time. Also, here be adult concepts and plenty of content inappropriate for minors, so if you're underage in your country, consider this fair warning.

I'm currently mainly writing American Idol S7 (mostly various pairings of David Cook, his fabulously hot band, and David Archuleta). I'm also active in CWRPS/J2/SPN fandom, and I've written a good bit of it.

Permissions Statement:

Blanket permission to make derivative works of my stories including podfic, fanart, mixes, and stories inspired by mine. Please give me credit and link back to the original work, and please drop me a link so I can check out your awesome stuff!

Please do NOT translate or repost my work. Thanks!